A flash of thought at times gives birth to magnificent monuments like Konark and Tajmahal and The Law of Gravitation from Newton as well` A similar thought occurred in the mind of Late Ramakushna Nanda in 1951, and thus came ‘Sansar’, a children’s monthly magazine.

Sri Ramakrushna Nanda was a famous Odia litterateur and poet, who composed ‘Aahe Dayamaya Biswabihari’. It is still today recited by children all over Odisha as a daily school prayer. Sri Nanda wrote in his autobiography—“Feeling the necessity of reference books and children’s magazine in Odia for the children of Odisha, I decided to publish such a magazine which will contain articles of literature, science and various references”. Each copy of Sansar then cost 3 annas and the yearly subscription was Rs. 2.00. It was sheer hard work to keep alive a magazine. Family burden and illness forced Sri Nanda to stop the publication of his brain child ‘Sansar from 1970. All the outstanding reader’s subscription dues were returned to them.

But the Almighty had not signed the death warrant of ‘Sansar’ yet, for it resurfaced again in 1982. Overcoming all obstacles, it’s being published till today without a single month’s interruption

Sri Ramakrushna Nanda died in 1994. The entire burden of publishing the magazine shifted to his son Er. P.K. Nanda and daughter-in-law Smt Anasuya Nanda (Editor). It’s the herculean effort of the husband wife duo that has kept alive the magazine till date with punctuality.